StovePlus  is a global initiative of GERES that facilitates access to improved cooking solutions for populations relying on biomass. We provide technical support to project holders and developers in Southeast Asia and West Africa who require help initiating, improving or scaling-up clean cooking energy projects.

With 20 years of experience on large scale dissemination and adoption of domestic improved cookstoves in Southeast Asia and West Africa, our teams are leading experts in the sector with extensive experience both on the field and at the international level.

StovePlus  is supported by FFEM (French Global Environment Facility) and contributes to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

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GERES: Development Engineers since 1976

Created in 1976, GERES is a French Non-Governmental Organization specialized in energy access in developing countries. Throughout the world, GERES implements energy efficiency solutions in order to protect natural resources and improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations.

GERES develops production and dissemination programs on improved cookstoves in Cambodia, Mali and Benin. By creating important partnerships with the local private sector, more than 3 million cookstoves have been successfully disseminated in Cambodia.

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Our Mission:

To increase access to clean cooking energy solutions by sharing best practices and technical knowhow with local entrepreneurs, project developers, organizations and institutions in the sector.

Our Objectives:

  1. To provide technical support to improved cookstove project holders across the world.
  2. To strengthen local institutional support for the sector and engage stakeholders in open dialogue.
  3. To contribute to the dissemination of 2 million improved cookstoves by 2017 in order to reach the international target set by the Global  Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.