Cape Verde cookstove

In Cape Verde, our team went to a traditional farm where the housewife received them for a meal of « cachupa », the national dish.

The stew is cooked very slowly, in a dark kitchen, simmering in a pot on 3 stones.

The cookstoves are fed with wood that they bought in the village or kindling collected around the farm.

Little air vents and a window permit the smoke to escape from the kitchen and thus the room isn’t smoke filled.

What is the Cachupa?

A corn and bean-based meal in which you can add pork, chorizo, cassava, sweet potatoes, vegetables and sometimes chicken.

Corn and beans are cultivated on the family plot, some aromatic herbs grow in the middle of the plot and a farm yard close to the kitchen holds some hens with their chicks. Sheep and pigs stroll on the plot waiting for the next meal.

A second kitchen has been built and it houses a gas cooker. A floor-standing three-stone fire is behind this kitchen to cook with big pot for special occasions.

The visit finishes and the sated team leaves the farm full of information which they will add to their study on cooking solutions in Cape Verde.

Discover the detailed cooking environment