Coockstove West Africa

The StovePlus team in Mali has developed and initiated several projects over the year 2014.

From Mali to Kenya…

Kenya hosts the Jua Kali, one of the oldest markets on the African continent. There is a wide variety of products and especially cooking devices like traditional stoves, induction furnaces, pop-corn machines… It’s the perfect place to introduce cleaner and more efficient cooking appliances!

In the middle of this Ali Baba’s Cave, the idea came to organize a StovePlus Academy during 5 days in Kenya where African Entrepreneurs and African energy program implementers working in the clean cooking sector would be expected.

What is the aim? To gather the cookstove actors and give them the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices, take relevant courses taught by renown professionals, and acquire new skills to improve and stimulate their projects in the long-term.

What is the agenda? Studying and practicing testing protocols, studying new trends and technologies, suggesting improvements, customizing working sessions about production and discussing marketing and access to the finance.

The attendees will go back home with the necessary tools to strengthen their activities and with many business cards!

In partnership with Burn Design Lab, Cookswell, Food and Fuel, Practical Action

From Kenya to Ivory Coast…

October marks the beginning of a new adventure in Ivory Coast. StovePlus and its partners are currently working on a study that aims to assess the context in cooking and household energy in Ivory Coast.

By the end, the study will allow policy makers and other stakeholders in the country to draw new and relevant areas of work based on reliable and current data to implement a strong and durable clean cooking market in Ivory Coast.

This study is carried out in partnership with WACCA and Care International

From Ivory Coast to the Sierra Leone…

Last July, the Njala Univserity, the Renewable Energy Center and StovePlus Africa signed a Memorandum of Understanding. It seeks to implement and improve the local capacities for performance testing and R&D.

A Baseline Assessment of the Sierra Leonan market was conducted to get an overall view of the cookstovesector in the country. These inputs will be used to offer solutions that suit the context.

Subsequently, this partnership should lead to the establishment of a testing laboratory that is able to measure the performance of the products currently on the Sierra Leonan market. Also, it will help enable and strengthen the sector by designing improved cooking devices.

For more information about the project, please follow the link…

Due to the Ebola outbreak, StovePlus activities in Sierra Leone have temporarily stopped.

From Sierra Leone to Mali

From nut collection to oil extraction, the whole activity related to shea butter production has a significant place in the lives of Sub-Saharan women.

During the transformation process, there are two cooking times that are very long and the producer uses a lot of fuel and polluting devices that are not efficient. These two particular stages can be improved and that’s the reason why StovePlus was interested in carrying out a study on the sector. The first approach would reach women’s cooperatives and the study seeks to introduce institutional cookstoves that will improve combustion and reduce harmful emissions and wood consumption.