Cookstove sector vocabulary

 With the COP20 just beginning in Lima and the Cookstove Future Summit having taken place two weeks ago in New York, Improved Cookstoves are becoming a hot topic worldwide. To help people better understand the concepts linked to the sector, @StovePlus  launched “One day/ One infographic” via its Twitter account for the duration of the Climate Change Conference from the 1st to the 12th of December, 2014.

Does the term “Improved Cookstoves” (ICS) make you think of home automation? When someone speaks about biomass, does it remind you great outdoors, camping with family and cooking over a camp fire?

Actually, the reality is quite different and in this sector, some initiatives help the environment for real and they merit to be highlighted.

A very important device – the ICS – helps mitigate climate change, reduce human diseases, increase access to energy and improve livelihoods. As unbelievable as it sounds, all those topics are linked with this unique device.

This month we will approach the cookstove sector via several infographics.

We will show you what energy poverty, coal, indoor air pollution… mean in the cooking energy sector so as to increase your knowledge and understanding on what the issues are in this particular area.

What is an improved cookstove?

Improved Cookstoves are devices with improvements made compared to traditional cookstoves, such as higher energy efficiency and the reduction of hazardous smoke and pollutants that harm human health.

A Traditional Cookstove is a big pot usually made of clay and baked. It’s used for cooking meals, boiling water and in several areas of the world it’s also used for heating homes.

The most traditional “device” is the 3 stone fire which is made with 3 stones on the ground, as you can guess, and describes the area on which the pot is directly placed.

Surrounding these devices, there are several other concepts, but we’ll leave you to discover the infographics on Twitter…

The Complete List of Infographics:

o Base of the Pyramid (BoP)

o Biomass

o Black Coal

o Energy Delivery Model

o Energy Efficiency

o Fuel Poverty

o Improved Cookstove (ICS)

o Indoor Air Pollution (IAP)

o Open Fire

o Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5)

o Traditional Cookstove (TCS)

o Value Chain

The links where we’ll be publishing the infographics:

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