Stove academy

The Academy’s aim? To share knowledge and gather stakeholders together for the improved cookstove industry to move forward in Africa. The StovePlus  Academy will last 5 days in Kenya, from the 1st to 5th of December, and offer a training to African Entrepreneurs and African energy program implementers to strengthen their businesses.

An academy is defined as “an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership”.  The StovePlus  Academy, as one would expect, will provide a training to project developers in the cookstove sector.The primary objective of these workshops are to create an African collaboration to develop the sector forward through improving the attendees’ skills and strengthening their networks.

The cookstove sector in Africa is wide and especially in Kenya includes small entrepreneurs, large scale factories... The country was selected as the host country because it has one of the most diverse improved cooking device markets in Africa: the Jua kali. This local metal market has one of the world’s largest range of improved and traditional cooking devices, from charcoal stoves to ovens and electric popcorn makers. It’s not the only market in Africa where you can find different devices, even if they don’t have a choice so big. However, the common characteristic is that those stoves can be improved. But to do so, the producers need to strengthen their skills.

After assessing the needs, StovePlus  Africa has developed 5 particular areas in which stakeholders have to work on:

·  A better understanding of the various types of cooking products that they can produce in their own countries

·  Improved techniques on how to make their stove design and production processes better

·  Increased linkages to other African Entrepreneurs

·  A deep overview of international financing mechanisms that they can access or a better understanding of what they need to achieve in terms of financial and operational health to access funding

·  A better understanding of next steps to improve their businesses

The workshop should lead the attendees to work as a network and to build a community-minded group that will allow them to be stronger all together and able to influence the latest cookstove sector trends.

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