Academy stove

From December 1st to the 5th, StovePlus hosted the first edition of the StovePlus Academy in Nairobi. With 13 participants representing countries across Africa (Cabo Verde, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Sénégal and Sierra Leone), this intense week of learning and exchange was very prolific from a professional perspective. All of the participants were stove producers or energy project implementers. The event was composed of classroom sessions, which covered stove design, integrating a life cycle approach into product lines, and tooling and equipment that can improve production, mixed with discussions and field visits. Through the diversity of themes and sessions, everyone had the opportunity to learn, to refresh or to extend their knowledge base and skills related to ICS and within the biomass energy domain.

Most participants stated that they found the experience very inspirational and that they would apply some of the information obtained or lessons learned into their businesses or programs upon return.

StovePlus Academy was organized in Nairobi so that invitees could observe the wide range of stoves, cooking devices, and the different distribution channels (from small retailers to large international supermarket) present on the Kenyan market.

Thanks to themes’ discussions led by experts such like Mrs. Christa Roth of Food and Fuel, Mr. Theodore Kinyanjui of Cookswell Jikos, Mr. Payan Ole-MoiYoi of Kenya Stove Works and Mrs. Elisha Moore-Delate, each participant benefited from lectures and practical advices specifically adapted to their own businesses and needs. Hence, through a friendly and professional ambiance, participants got relevant insights that they should be able to use on the long term.

Now that participants are back in their own countries with plenty of ideas, StovePlus hopes to be able to observe changes in the production and distribution patterns of these local stove producers, including seeing new prototypes being tested in the field or a new product within the coming months!