What is StovePlus  all about?

GERES’ New Lao Stove project in Cambodia has been a ten year success story with over 3 million stoves disseminated to date. The project received a number of awards, such as the 2007 Ashen Award for Sustainable Energy and the 2013 Clean Cooking Forum Award for special contribution to the sector.

Its success and international recognition led to many requests for project support by local entrepreneurs, NGOs and development agencies. What emerged was a need to provide holistic and comprehensive technical support that could enable project holders to implement sustainable cookstove projects and scale up their activities.

StovePlus  offers a unique approach to project support that goes beyond service delivery and consulting. As a stakeholder in the sector, we are invested in the successful dissemination and adoption of clean cooking energy solutions across the world.

Our support is comprehensive, holistic and collaborative with the aim of providing targeted solutions, sharing lessons learned from the field, engaging local stakeholders and creating long lasting partnerships.

StovePlus  is not a stove producer. We support project holders.
StovePlus  is not a stove promoter. We are technology neutral.

StovePlus  is there every step of the way

  • Providing comprehensive and holistic support
  • Engaging project stakeholders throughout the process
  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned from the field
  • Bridging the gap between policy and practice

We can adapt to any project,
at any stage, with any project holder.

Our methodology

Our 4 step process allows us to build and implement an effective support strategy which is tailored to your specific needs.


Project Diagnosis

Identifying key issues and problem areas

Our experts go on the field and conduct an initial project assessment to better understand the local context and key issues.


Strategy Development

Building a customized intervention

The type and level of support needed is identified and together we develop a customized intervention based on the 8 service packages.



Providing support and delivering solutions

The intervention is implemented, delivering targeted support and innovative solutions to projects and stakeholders involved.


Follow-up & Backstopping

Providing post intervention support

The team continues to provide project support and ensures that project holders are satisfied with the solutions.