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The Philippines

After Africa with three editions in Kenya, Ghana and Sierra Leone, it’s now the time for an Asian country, the Philippines, to host the StovePlus Academy 2017, from 20 to 24 February 2017, at the Central Philippine University Campus in Iloilo City, on Panay Island.

The 2017 edition in the Philippines will gather innovative fuel and improved cookstoves entrepreneurs from across the archipelago and focus on how to develop their business. 


Participating entrepreneurs will complete the workshop with:

o  An overview of international testing protocols and knowledge on how to conduct rapid test to assess their cookstove’s performance ;

o  A better understanding of the cooking energy sector in the Philippines and knowledge on how to conduct their own market survey ;

o  An increased understanding of the bottlenecks of their value chain and where their efforts should focus on ;

o  A deep overview of local and international financing mechanisms they can access and a better understanding of what they need to achieve in terms of financial and operational health to access funding ;

o  An increased capacity in convincing end-users to buy their product ;

o  A better understanding of possible connections with governmental programs ;

o  Increased linkages to other cooking energy entrepreneurs ;

o  Lots of ideas of next steps to develop their business!

StovePlus Academy

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Baseline Assessment

African entrepreneurs will benefit from an analysis of the device(s) they produce and local market needs in order to identify keys for success in their project and area

Find out more about Baseline Assessment

Testing and R&D

Internationally recognized testing methodologies will be proposed and advice will be given on the design of high-quality improved cookstoves

Find out more about Testing and R&D

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Attendees will be guided in implementing better quality assurance systems and measures, such as stove standards, in order to ensure high quality stoves reach local markets

Find out more about Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Access to Finance

Experts will explain to attendees how international financing mechanisms work and what opportunities are open to them. In addition, advice will be given on what components they need to improve in their business to have access to these kinds of funds

Find out more about Access to Finance

Business Development

The whole value chain of the participants’ businesses will be evaluated to identify weaknesses or problem areas. Experts will provide recommendations and targeted solutions to tackle the issues that project holders are facing

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REXEL Fondation | ADB | Peace and Equity Foundation

One fifth of the woodfuels burned for cooking in the Philippines (2525kt) are exceeding the biomass regeneration potential in the area where they are collected and are directly contributing to climate change. (Source: 2015 study from Yale university)

According to the latest national survey (2011 HECS Highlights), fuelwood is most commonly used by more than half (54%) of the households in the Philippines for cooking. 


StovePlus  Academy aims at increasing regional and nationwide collaboration and knowledge about the industry and strengthen cooking energy entrepreneurs' capacity to diversify the production of improved biomass cooking devices and innovative fuel solutions across their country.

Considering the number of known producers of improved cookstoves and their production capacities, the current supply is still far from able to meet the improved cookstoves market potential needed.

StovePlus Academy's activities are specifically designed for entrepreneurs and national energy program implementers who either already have existing energy businesses or are contributing to the implementation of projects.


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