Many project developers face difficulties in obtaining the financial resources required to initiate, improve or scale up activities. However, there are financial opportunities available for clean cooking energy projects, such as carbon finance. This financial mechanism has benefited improved cookstove projects around the world and has shown a capacity to help co-fund and scale up projects.

What is Carbon Finance?

It’s the investment in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These reductions lead to carbon credits that are sold in carbon markets around the world to organizations, companies or individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint or off-set carbon emissions.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers explore and secure financing for their clean cooking energy project.

Our goal is to connect project holders to financing opportunities and mechanisms.

The Objectives

  • Project holders are aware of available financing opportunities, including carbon finance
  • Project holders undertake the appropriate steps and procedures for securing financing
  • Project holders are provided with advice on how to manage and monitor their financial assets

The Activities

  • Project analysis
  • Financial strategy development
  • Assessment of carbon finance eligibility
  • Carbon finance certification
  • Development of financial management tools
  • Advising on financial management