Projects do not often meet their targets when they are initiated without a proper understanding of the existing conditions and trends within a particular country or context. In addition, project holders are often accountable for their results. Justifying the impacts of an intervention is possible only when the initial state of the sector has been assessed in detail prior to the intervention.

What is a Baseline Assessment?

It’s an analysis of existing conditions. It provides insight on local economic, social and environmental systems and interactions.

Documenting baseline conditions also provides a reference point from which to address potential issues and track future changes.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers gain an in-depth understanding of the local cooking habits, end-user preferences, stove markets and institutional frameworks; leading to the development of realistic and sustainable project goals.

Our goal is to provide training and support to project leaders and teams on the collection and analysis of baseline data.

The Objectives

  • Problematic areas in the baseline are identified and addressed.
  • Baseline indicators are set up to track future changes.
  • Project goals and targets are in line with the existing conditions and trends.

The Activities

  • Conduct baseline assessments
  • Train teams on baseline collection & analysis
  • Develop and integrate baseline indicators
  • Identify project opportunities and risks
  • Refine project goals and targets


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