Improved cookstove projects require strong monitoring systems to keep their activities on track, reach their targets and evaluate impacts. In addition, local teams require appropriate tools and techniques to accurately collect, manage and analyze data from the field. 

Equipped with strong monitoring systems and teams, it is possible to evaluate the impacts associated with project activities. In particular, understanding the changes that may have occurred in local social, economic and environmental systems.

What is Monitoring?

What is Impact Evaluation?

Monitoring is the systematic collection of information from projects or programs.

Impact Evaluation is the analysis of external changes attributed to a project or intervention. In other words, it’s a comparison between what has happened and what would have happened in the absence of an activity. 

The Impacts

This package helps project developers implement and manage a customized monitoring system, and trains teams on best practices and methods for monitoring and evaluation. 

Our goal is to help project developers track their activities, fine tune project implementation and determine the impacts associated with their ICS projects.

The Objectives

  • Appropriate monitoring systems and databases are developed
  • Relevant and measurable indicators are integrated
  • Best methods and tools are used to collect, manage and analyze monitoring data
  • Evaluation of activities and impacts lead to lessons learned and improved decision making

The Activities

  • Design ICS-specific monitoringplans and systems
  • Develop and integrate monitoring indicators
  • Train local teams on M&E techniques and tools
  • Train local teams on impact evaluation
  • Translate results into lessons learned
  • Provide recommendations on mitigating negative impacts