Quality assurance and control systems are essential for monitoring and improving production processes. They play an important role for ICS projects in ensuring that the stoves produced are of high quality and maintain this level of quality over time.

What are QA and QC?

Quality Assurance (QA) is the improvement of production processes and Quality Control  (QC) is the identification of defects in production. Together, they ensure long-term and high quality production.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers achieve high quality ICS production processes through relevant and comprehensive QA & QC systems.

Our goal is to support project developers in implementing and managing high quality ICS production processes.

The Objectives

  • Appropriate QA & QC systems and tools are developed
  • QA & QC systems are well integrated with other project components
  • QA & QC systems are appropriately managed and monitored

The Activities

  • Design custom QA & QC systems and databases
  • Train local teams on quality control techniques and tools
  • Provide advice on improving production processes