Improved cookstove technologies vary in quality, performance and reputation. Setting and maintaining a high standard of quality is essential for the successful adoption of clean cooking technologies.

The integration of general and stove-specific standards, as well as labelling mechanisms which verify compliance, helps project holders increase their productivity and ability to access new markets.

What are standards and labels?

They are certification tools used to validate the quality of materials, production processes and end products. Standards and labels have been successfully used in improved cookstove projects to increase quality production and legitimize the product in the local market.

The Impacts

This package helps project developers certify the quality of their improved cookstoves.

Our goal is to strengthen institutional capacity and help project developers integrate relevant and reputable ICS standards and labels.

The Objectives

  • Local institutions support the development of ICS standards and labels
  • Relevant standards and labels are developed and integrated into quality production processes
  • Stoves produced meet local, national and international standards

The Activities

  • Design stove-specific standards and labels
  • Develop national cookstove standards
  • Support and engage local institutions and stakeholders